What We Fund

Our HSC Membership Drive funds the operational costs of our organization, staff appreciation events, as well as the parent services we provide, such as family information and education opportunities, Project Cornerstone efforts, LGHS Online Directory, New Parent Tours, Wildcat Lynx Newsletter and much more.

Our Membership Dues and other specific donations fund:
  • CASA (Community Against Substance Abuse) donation
  • CASSY (Student Counseling Support)
  • Parent Education
  • Project Cornerstone
  • School Picnic
  • Senior Breakfast
  • Summer School Picnic
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Educator of the Year
  • Freshman Planners
  • Freshman, New Student & Link Crew Orientation Lunch
  • Hospitality
  • Parent Tours
  • Website & Wildcat Lynx Newsletter
  • Online Student Directory
  • HSC Operations

What is ACTT?


Our ACTT (Academic Contributions for Today and Tomorrow) grant & scholarship program established in 1995 provides much needed financial support directly to our classrooms and our students. We work in coordination with the LGHS administration, department chairs and classroom teachers, as well as New Millennium Foundation to ensure that we are funding the highest priority needs for our students through the most efficient and appropriate sources of funding. All ACTT funds are disbursed to the faculty in the form of grants, given as senior scholarships, or used for Student-to-Student programs.


What does ACTT Fund?

Teachers request ACTT funds through a grant process in August of each school year. Grants are coordinated through departments to avoid duplication and to ensure ACCT funds are used for materials not available through other school sources. In past years ACTT has funded such materials as:

Computers, printers and LCD projectors
Agroecology program equipment
Chemistry lab equipment

Biology lab supplies

Math class calculators
Cultural exchange activities
And other important classroom materials 


How can I support ACTT?

Donations are requested at the beginning of each school year, but are accepted anytime.  Simply use the Membership/Directory form and add your ACTT donation amount to your dues amount. Payment can be made online, or your student can submit a check during Wildcat Days. 


Questions? Contact the Home and School Club at  hsc@lghshsc.org

How can I support this important work?
Donations may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. LGHS H&SC, Inc. Tax ID #27-0646447


  • Math – Scientific Calculators, Dry Erase Boards
  • English – Project Voice Poetry Program, Changemakers Program, Printers
  • Library – Funding for books
  • Social Studies - Tech A/V Equipment
  • Science - AP Bio lab materials, Biology dissection supplies & specimens, Agro garden supplies, Biology microscopes, Physics Ozobots, Chemistry lab supplies & equipment, Science Olympiad, APES Bio Paddles.

  • World Language - Spanish Cultural/Food Activities, Pen Pal project grant, Crepe makers for French Food Activities

  • Special Ed – 5 Dimensions of Engaged Teaching for full teaching faculty

  • Electives – Principals of Engineering class supplies, Graphic Design materials, Sculpture art materials, Video Recorder for Drama classes, Stage Tech supplies

  • Student Group Grants – Senior Scholarships, Reality Check, Link Crew, Student to Student.



  • Technology for Science Class Video Recordings
  • DNA Fingerprinting Labs
  • Genetic Engineering Lab Materials
  • Agroecology Class Supplies
  • Dissection Lab Supplies & Disposal
  • DNA Model Kits
  • Safety Goggles for All Chemistry Classes
  • Smithsonian Natural History Publications for Biology
  • Live & Preserved Specimen Collection Labs
  • Science Olympiad Team
  • Tirrill Burners and Associated Supplies
  • AP Field Lab Supply Packs
  • AP BioSITE Project Support
  • Aquatic Ecosystem Bacteria Testing Bio Paddles
  • pH Test Kit
  • Fruit Fly Genetics Lab Supplies
  • Library Books and DVD’s
  • English iPad Keyboards (Lab to Classroom Conversion)
  • Author Visits and Field Trips for English Classes
  • World Language Exchange Student Cultural Activities
  • World Language Pen Pal Project
  • World Language Travel Simulation & Cultural Activities
  • Fashion Illustrator Class Presentation & Art Materials
In Spring 2015, our supplemental ACTT grants included:
  • MathGraphing Calculators
  • ScienceThermal Cycler
  • World Language - Mini iPads
  • Library/Student Center - Printers
  • Technology - Various cables & accessories
  • Electives - Applied Art Materials & Supplies (Engineering & Wood Shop)
  • Athletics - Pitching Machine
  • Physical Education - Freshman Fun Run
In Fall 2014, our ACTT grants included:
  • Athletics - Student Drinking Station
  • Electives - Choir Books, Applied Art Equipment, Applied Technology Equipment, Art Supplies, Home Ec Books, Culinary Lab Scholarships, Engineering Course Materials, Drama Play Scripts 
  • English - Facilities Equipment Shakespeare School Visit, Museum of Tolerance Field Trip, Author's Visit
  • Math - Document Cameras & Cart, Software Site License
  • Science - Biology Dissection Supplies & Specimens, Biology Experiments & Activities, Honors Bio Experiment, Biology Equipment, AP Bio SITE project, Science Olympiad, Classroom Equipment, Lab Equipment, AP Bio & Agroecology Equipment, Garden Supplies, Plants and Equipment
  • Social Studies - Tech A/V Equipment 
  • Library & Student Center - Start up Cost for Online Courses, Scholarships 
  • World Language - Spanish Food/Cultural Activities, Travel Simulation Activity, French Food/Cultural Activities, Tech Equipment Accessories, Japanese Project & Cultural Activities
  • Student Group Grants - Scholarships, Reality Check, Shifting Perceptions, Student to Student

HSC UPCOMING MEETINGS                       

Nov. 15 @7:45 am "College Planning; For All Grades"

@ 7:45 am In the Community Room

Jan. 17th @ 7:45 am "Curriculum Planning"  @ 7:45am

In the Community Room 


What we Fund

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